Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bags can be comfy

After inspecting you have to relax sometimes.


Forever Foster said...

It looks like a nice secure resting spot. I like to feel secure when I rest, so often sleep against something (like the bookshelf or the wall). Fat Fui just lies in the middle of the floor and lets it all hang out. MOL!

Has our card arrived yet? We are thinking we should send another if it doesn't arrive toot sweet.

Anonymous said...

It looks very soft and fluffy! Is that Santa's suit in there?!

Daisy said...

Oh look, a bag with a window! And a comfy pad for laying on, and a retractable awning. I think you got a DE-luxe bag!

Anonymous said...

You look so comfy! I like bags too. Paper bags are AWESOME! Well, except for when Rusty comes and steps on it, thinking it's funny!