Sunday, September 21, 2008

I might be famous!

My furriend Loki at Orange Cat Blues made a mew video and he mentions me! I am furry honored, I am meowless even...
Loki is a celebrity, he was on TV, you can see his video from the Superbowl.

But for now, I would like you all to watch his Milk Joke video which is one of my favorites, I still MOL every time I watch it... you will too.


Loki said...

You iz funnee and sillee, Luke. I wuz on TV onlee 15 seconds wile most hoomans were makin nachos fur the Big Game. I dunno if they saw me, MOL.

(But the milk joke iz mai all time favorite video of mine. And Boo did get better so it must have helpt!)

Bogdan, the editor said...

WHOA. LUKE. You are friends with a movie star?